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One Cement. All indications.
One prime procedure.

Simply Create the Panavia Smile

One predictable procedure for cementing your prosthetics reimagined. All your cementation appointments become a joy. Even if you need to cement precious veneers. It’s now possible thanks to the revolutionary PANAVIA™ V5.

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All Cement Indications.
From Lab to Clinic.

PANAVIA™ V5 is the strongest dentin bonding cement we ever developed. It is our most esthetic cement and comes in five beautiful shades. There is no better way to durably cement your crowns, single-wing cantilever bridges and veneers. If you work in a lab? It’s the most reliable way to cement your implant abutments too.

Glass Fiber Posts
Glass Ceramics
Implant Abutments

Just One Prime Procedure

Prime and roughen the prosthetic. Prime the tooth. That’s it. With this one simple procedure you can cement all your work. CLEARFIL™ CERAMIC PRIMER PLUS let's you prime your prosthetics; Metals, porcelains, zirconia and other dental materials. Just apply and go. And for tooth priming; just apply the PANAVIA™ V5 Tooth Primer for 20 sec. and dry.

How to use

apply and dry

apply during 20 seconds and dry

Shades that Stay Beautiful

With five shades, PANAVIA™ V5 is our most esthetic cement. Mostly because the shade stay stable over time. We don’t use amine in the self-cure mode to keep the shades stable. And with our 5 Try-in Pastes you can predict the final esthetic outcome.

in this image
PANAVIA™ V5 Try-in-Paste Clear

Super Bond Strength

One drop of the PANAVIA™ V5 Tooth Primer contains molecules working for you. These molecules, called the Original MDP monomers, which make a durable bond to hydroxyapatite, metals, composites and zirconia. Our milestone in dentistry, MDP monomers, are also the secret ingredient behind CLEARFIL™ CERAMIC Primer Plus.

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PANAVIA™ V5 Tooth Primer

Science shows it’s Strength and Beauty

It took us more than 10 years to develop PANAVIA™ V5. Thanks to researchers worldwide you get full insight into it's performance. Independent data about the strength and beauty of PANAVIA™ V5 proofs our groundbreaking bond is really excellent.

in this image
1 - Dentine, 2 - Composeit

The PANAVIA™ Story

It all started in 1983. PANAVIA™ EX was launched
as the world's first adhesive composite cement that contained our original MDP monomer. The PANAVIA™ brand became quickly known for reliable adhesion. Now it's up to PANAVIA™ V5 to become also widely known for it's ease of use and esthetics.


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