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No waiting, No multiple layers, No extensive rubbing.

With CLEARFIL™ Universal Bond Quick we take the next step into bonding agents. Since CLEARFIL™ Universal Bond Quick does not need any waiting, multiple layers or extensive rubbing, it created the possibility for uniform results and optimum adhesion, treatment after treatment.
**Apply with a rubbing motion and proceed








Light cure

All indications.
One Bond.

The product reliably bonds all direct restorations, core build-ups and even indirect restorations and repairs. Simply use it the way you want: self-etch, selective-etch or total-etch. But whichever way, CLEARFIL™ Universal Bond Quick delivers the same uniform results without the need to wait.

A Game Changer

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Procedural Freedom

Unlike traditional dental bonding agents that require waiting time, extensive rubbing and multiple layers in order to deliver an optimum result, with CLEARFIL™ Universal Bond Quick your restorative procedures are carried out to the exceptionally high standards. Exceptional levels of adhesion result in a bond that lasts with minimal risk of remedial work. And, because there’s no need to wait before you proceed, procedures take less time than with most other available bondings, benefiting both patient and practitioner.

Esthetic Thin film layer

Aesthetic thin film layer

CLEARFIL™ Universal Bond Quick comprises a thin film layer of just 5 to 10 μm making it aesthetically pleasing even in the most demanding anterior restorations. Its innovative new amide monomers create many crosslinks to improve the stability of the thin film layer. This in turn delivers a superior bonding layer which is resistant to moisture and it shows good aesthetics at margin of anterior restorations.

Truly Universal Bond

CLEARFIL™ Universal Bond Quick can be used with almost all composite materials and also in cases where dual curing materials are required, for instance in post and core procedures. It acts as an excellent surface conditioner when priming indirect materials such as zirconia, glass-ceramics or metals or during intra-oral repairs. Just apply and proceed



Core Buid-Up

Core build-up





Rapid bonding + MDP

Our rapid bond technology combines The Original MDP Monomer with new hydrophilic amide monomers which work together to deliver optimal stability and resistance to moisture for a lasting result. MDP creates a strong chemical bond to hydroxyapatite. Having been in use for more than 20 years, MDP has a proven excellence in adhesion.

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