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CLEARFIL™ S³ BOND PLUS – it´s your choice for a fast and easy bond.

CLEARFIL™ S³ BOND PLUS is the one-step adhesive for direct restorations. It is developed based on CLEARFIL™ S³ BOND technology which has five years clinical evidence. Etching, priming and bonding steps are completed with one-liquid, one-coat treatment.

But there is even more – the main benefit for using one-step adhesives is to reduce the technique errors which might occur. Thanks to its short application time and very simple procedure compared with other recent one-step products CLEARFIL™ S³ BOND PLUS reduces technical errors. It allows a high error tolerance while creating excellent bond strength to enamel and dentin. This is enabled by Kuraray´s innovative adhesive technology, which has been successful for more than 30 years.

Furthermore CLEARFIL™ S³ BOND PLUS ensures a stable interface between tooth and composite resin due to Kuraray´s new high performance initiator for lightcuring, the original adhesive monomer MDP and the innovative Molecular Dispersion Technology.
The new CLEARFIL™ S³ BOND PLUS also has a fluoride releasing property. In combination with the time saving and simple application procedure, this one-step adhesive will satisfy you with its excellent bond strength especially in different clinical situations, e.g. the therapy of children or core build-ups with the new CLEARFIL™ DC CORE PLUS.
Kuraray‘s unique adhesive monomer MDP contained in CLEARFIL™ S³ BOND

PLUS creates a strong chemical bond to hydroxyapatite.

Being in use for more than 25 years, the MDP has a proven excellence in adhesion.
It stands for a high bond strength and shows a reliable adhesion durability to the tooth structures.

The performance of CLEARFIL™ S³ BOND PLUS is explained by the name itself:
Speed. Simplicity. Strength.

The three decisive factors of CLEARFIL™ S³ BOND PLUS.

1.) Speed
CLEARFIL™ S³ BOND PLUS is always ready for immediate use in only three short steps: Apply, air-dry, light-cure – done in less than 30 sec.!
Furthermore CLEARFIL™ S³ BOND PLUS reduces the possibility of technique errors.

2.) Simplicity
CLEARFIL™ S³ BOND PLUS is so easy and comfortable to use –
time intensivework steps such as shaking the bottle, exact mixing and applying of several components, multiple layering and rubbing on to the tooth are no longer necessary.

3.) Strength
The new high performance initiator can build more active radicals than the conventional initiator.
This unique technology improves your clinical performance while minimizing possible chairside errors which might occur such as the insufficient distance between light-curing unit and bonding surface or the air-drying method.
Furthermore, this unique technology increases the polymerization ratio and makes the bonding more stable against water. From this phenomenon you can expect excellent long-term performance as you already know from Kuraray.


• Quick & time-saving with only a single application step: no shaking, no mixing, no rubbing,no multiple application
• Easy to use for low technical errors
• Stable performance adhesive due to Kuraray´s adhesive monomer MDP and the new high performance initiator
• Fluoride releasing property for a reinforcement of the adhesive-dentin interface
• Precise and economic dosing


CLEARFIL™ S³ BOND PLUS is indicated for wide range of indications:

• Direct restorations using light-cured composite resin
• Cavity sealing as a pretreatment for indirect restorations
• Treatment of exposed root surfaces
• Post cementation and core build-ups using dual-cured composite resin CLEARFIL™ DC CORE PLUS
• Intraoral repairs of fractured restorations made of ceramic, hybrid ceramics or composite resin
• Core build-ups using light-cured composite resin
• Surface treatment of prosthetic restorations made of ceramic, hybrid ceramics or composite resin
• Surface treatment of dental posts

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