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One universal prosthetic primer for all cement and repair indications. Just apply and dry. That’s all you need with CLEARFIL™ CERAMIC PRIMER PLUS.

You prime ceramics, hybrid ceramics, composites and even metals with it. Never before it was so easy to durably bond all types of restorations.

What`s the reason behind? It’s all about chemistry. The original MDP monomer strongly bonds to metals and zirconia. And a silane coupling agent MPS will do the same

for composites and silica-based  ceramics. These proven adhesive monomers give you the confidence to trust your cement and repair jobs. And your assistants? They will surely love the simplicity of the procedure.

Additionally, now CLEARFIL™ CERAMIC PRIMER PLUS is equipped in the kit of its best partner, an adhesive resin cement, PANAVIA™ V5.


• Simple use (apply and dry)
• Strong adhesion to ceramics (e.g. zirconium oxide, aluminum oxide, silica based ceramics), hybrid ceramics(e.g. ESTENIA™ C&B), composites and metals
• Easy procedure for intraoral repairs of fractured restorations made of ceramics, hybrid ceramics, composites and metals
• Contains the silane coupling agent MPS and the original MDP monomer for a durable adhesion to all materials


• Surface treatment of prosthetic restorations made of ceramic, hybrid ceramics, composite resin or metal
• ntraoral repairs of fractured restorations made of ceramics, hybrid ceramics, composite resin or metal


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